Green Crouch End deserves better than this

One of the things that I love about living in Crouch End is the vibrant and active green community. I’ve enjoyed films at the green on the screen nights run by the local transition movement. I enjoyed being involved in the early days of the Budgens roof garden project ‘food from the sky‘. And I’m proud that Haringey council has led the way on taking strong action on climate change by pledging to reduce its emissions by 40% by 2020: the brilliant 40:20 scheme.

The Haringey 40:20 scheme commits to reducing borough wide CO2 emissions by 40% making Haringey a leading borough on tackling climate change.

The Haringey 40:20 scheme commits to reducing borough wide CO2 emissions by 40% making Haringey a leading borough on tackling climate change.

But one of the things that disappoints me is having a Liberal Democrat MP who is part of the government once dubbed ‘the greenest government ever’ but now led by a man dismissing our key concerns as ‘green crap‘. Lynne Featherstone has let Crouch End residents down by voting with the Conservative led government against putting a 2030 decarbonisation target in the energy bill. We need that target now to give investors the certainty they need to help move Britain towards its low-carbon future. Labour would introduce that target upon winning in 2015. Lynne wants a vote on it in 2016. I know which option I prefer.

Crouch End deserves better than an MP who props up a Prime Minister like David Cameron.

That’s why Crouch Enders should welcome the selection of Catherine West as their candidate for Hornsey and Wood Green. Catherine West has not just spoken about her commitment to the environment, but has also spearheaded initiatives such such as the Bunhill energy centre, which uses excess heat from London Underground to heat homes. Catherine has consistently prioritised the issues that matter – from when she made Islington the first living wage borough to introducing free school meals for all to help tackle inequality.

I love it when voters tell me in Crouch End that they share my passion for the environment. That’s why I’m proud of the work that Haringey is doing on bringing down emissions in the borough. But to really make a difference we need a Labour government. Ed Miliband has pledged to create one million green jobs by 2020 if Labour win in 2015. Ed Balls has promised to give the Green Investment Bank new powers to borrow and invest in renewable energy as well as energy efficiency.

I hope to do more in the coming weeks and months to convince neighbours and friends in Crouch End that to really go green, they need look no further than Labour.

3 thoughts on “Green Crouch End deserves better than this

  1. This is full of factual inaccuracies, and pointless partisan crap. Everyone needs to work together against the tories for a green agenda, and Labour bashing Lib Dems to try and win a Council seat in Crouch End helps no-one. Lib Dems have ensured that the environment isn’t wrecked by a Tory only Government, what have Labour done except bitch about it? Help the Lib Dems in this fight, then we might get somewhere.

    Fighting for Council seats on national issues is, frankly, disingenuous. I assume it is because Haringey Labour has messed up so many time in Haringey that they can’t rely on their local record.

    It is this kind of unnecessary swipe at a hard working MP that means I won’t vote Labour ever again in the locals. Sorry Natan, but this alongside other point-scoring attempts made recently by your local party means you have lost a vote.

    • Thanks for this Tim – it’s always good to know people are reading and wanting to engage.

      For clarification – Which factual inaccuracies have you found in the article?

      Also, while I take your point that we need people to work together against the Tories for a green agenda – our local MP is a minister in David Cameron’s government. I don’t accept your accusation that Labour have only ‘bitched’ about the green agenda. To my mind Labour has done a lot of good things both locally in Haringey and nationally when in government and in opposition. More could be and should be done but it’s my view that Crouch Enders have been let down by an MP who has little to say on national issues.

      Your point about fighting council seats on national issues – the split is not so clear – the two are connected. Local authorities operate largely under statutory and budgetary frameworks handed down by central government.

      I was sorry to read that I’d lost a vote but a quick google of your name revealed that you’ve been commenting on a few local Labour related articles defending Lynne and attacking Labour (e.g here and here) so I imagine your vote was lost long before you’d read my article.

      Thanks again


  2. Dear Natan,

    I was interested to read your post in which you use the Bunhill Energy Centre as an example of a “green” initiative taken by Islington Council and which was opened when Catherine West was Leader of Islington. Bunhill IS impressive both in scale and in its clever use of waste heat from the Tube system.

    However its a pity that it tends to overshadow a second, similar, initiative which came on line a few months later. This was the completion of the Crouch Hill project which involved the construction of the first zero carbon Primary School in the country, and which is on the border with Crouch End , on the south side of the Parkland Walk.

    It involved a new building for Ashmount School, which is state of the art in terms of energy conservation and so needs minimal energy to heat and light it. It also involved a Combined Heat and Power plant within the refurbished Cape Building along the same lines as Bunhill. This provides heating for the school, Bowler’s Nursery, the Cape Building and Community Cafe, and for flats off the site. It can use biomass which further reduces carbon emissions AND it generates electricity as well. While the project took nine years to realise, from the outset Catherine supported it. Initially she supported it in opposition, but she was Leader by the time the actual decision to sign the contract and commit the money was made.

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