Brexit: A Labour response

I imagine that many of us Labour members, voters and supporters are absolutely devastated. Crouch End voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union and now we face up to the reality that 17 million people voted to leave. And they won the election.

We have to find hope. And I believe we have to see the vote to leave as a wake up call to all of us who believe in equality, social justice, openness, tolerance, respect, cooperation within and between nations and protecting the most vulnerable.

75% of 18-24 years olds who voted did so to remain. We owe it to them to show some leadership and use this day as a trigger to get more, not less involved. We can’t sit on our hands while Boris Trump and Donald Farage peddle myths about immigration or tear up our rights at work and environmental protections.

I believe that if all the people in the country who were moved by what Jo Cox stood for joined together and provided leadership for this country we can start to rebuild hope.

I also believe that the Labour Party has to be that vehicle now. The country needs us more than ever. In the darkest hour of modern politics the country needs a party that was formed to give voice the many, not the few.

So if you live in Crouch End and you haven’t already, join the Labour Party now and come to our AGM this Sunday, 26th June at 2.30pm @ 28 Middle Lane.*

The job we have is hard but we need to rise to meet the challenge. We need to listen to the rest of the country and to learn lessons. We can’t lecture our way back into the EU. We can’t just bombard people with facts.

The sad reality is that many people have felt ignored, left behind, scared and alienated by our country and our economy. Some of the strongest leave votes were in the most economically deprived areas.

The answers to the problems are the same as always: cooperation, tolerance, respect and a commitment to social justice & equality. The problems just got much harder and it breaks my heart that we’ve made our country and Europe weaker. But the good fight is there to be fought.

So let’s pick ourselves up, get organised and make this sad day the one on which we resolved to build a better future.

Natan Doron, Crouch End Labour Cllr, 24th June 2016
*to be clear, this is the AGM of Crouch End Labour Ward which is part of Hornsey and Wood Green Constituency Labour Party (CLP). Each CLP is made up of many wards. You can find your ward in Haringey here: