Hornsey Town Hall Affordable Housing Update

Today we have received a letter from Emma Williamson, the Assistant Director of Planning at Haringey Council. The letter confirms that there will be at least 11 affordable homes as part of the proposed development behind Hornsey Town Hall.  The letter also states that the height of the proposed development has been reduced. The application is being re-consulted on and is in line to be heard at the December planning committee meeting.

Since our open letter in August we have now had:

  • An announcement on the arts centre operator
  • A publication outlining that over £30 million will be invested in restoring and refurbishing Hornsey Town Hall
  • A guarantee that there will be at least 11 units of affordable housing on site
  • The height of the proposed development will be lowered so that it cannot be viewed from Crouch End Broadway

This progress is welcome but we still urge Haringey officers and the developers to work hard to provide even more affordable housing and to go further in limiting any negative impact on Crouch end. We will carry on campaigning for this right up until the planning committee meeting in December.

The letter from Emma Williamson is below.


20th October 2017

Councillors Arthur, Doron and Elliott

Further to your open letter dated 9 August, officers are aware of how important it is to you that the we increase the level of affordable housing as part of the application and we have been working hard on this, and continue to do so.

I am pleased to say that today we will begin consultation on amendments to the Hornsey Town Hall application. Most significantly 11 affordable units are now included in the Broadway Annexe West and the height of Block B has been reduced such that it is not visible from the front of the Town Hall. These are the result of robust viability discussions with FEC which are ongoing. It is critical that a decision is made on the application in a timely fashion and therefore to ensure that it can progress to committee in December the Council has agreed to put its land receipt into the scheme, as a last resort, if necessary to underwrite these units whilst we continue to negotiate with the developer to secure the maximum level of affordable housing. It is clearly the Council’s preference that the developer will contribute funds to secure affordable housing and that we do not ultimately need to use our land receipt,unless the council proactively chooses to do so to secure further affordable housing.

The height reduction and omission of roof plant from Block B lowers its profile below the roofline of the Town Hall when viewed from the Crouch End Broadway.  The access arrangement to Block B has been amended to bring the entrance up to ground level at the side elevation.   The applicant has updated the landscaping proposals for the wider scheme, with improved landscaping of the retained sub-station on the site.  Additional illustrations of the development, including winter views, have been provided within the updated Design and Access Statement.  Other technical updates, including an updated daylight/sunlight report, setting out the applicant’s methodology in more detail, have been provided.

The winter views are attached below.

Any responses from the public submitted to the original plans do not need to be resubmitted. These comments will be considered in the determination of the application and included in the committee report.

Here is a link to the revised plans:


The revised plans and amended documents appear under the consultation comments.

Let me know if you have any queries.


Emma Willimason

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