25+ Affordable Homes in Hornsey Town Hall Development

The latest news on Hornsey Town Hall is that the development will generate at least 25 affordable housing units paid for by the developer FEC. 11 of these will be on site and at least a further 15 at other sites in the west of Haringey.

The 11 units will be provided as social rent in the Broadway Annex part of the Town Hall development and will be paid for by FEC. That’s 11 new homes at social housing rent levels in Crouch End.  Haringey planning officers have also agreed a review mechanism to secure a further land receipt from the developer if properties sell for more than is anticipated by FEC. This is key because it effectively caps the level of profit that can be extracted from the development and guarantees that if the value of the properties is greater than claimed at present, more money will come to Haringey to pay for even more affordable housing.

The 11 units of social housing and the review mechanism will be part of the application that is submitted to the planning committee for a decision on 11th December. 

In addition, subject to a Cabinet member signing next week, Haringey will commit to ring-fencing the land receipt from the development to increase the amount of affordable housing in the West of the borough. This will be in excess of 15 units and officers are currently exploring potential sites including near Highgate underground station.

This means that the Hornsey Town Hall development will yield in excess of 25 new units of affordable housing in the West of the borough. That’s at least 25 households who would otherwise be unable to afford to live in Crouch End or the surrounding area. In addition we have had confirmation that FEC will invest over £30million in the restoration of Hornsey Town Hall. We have also had the announcement of an arts operator with events to set out his vision scheduled for the 23rd and 25th November.

This progress builds on the community use agreement that was signed and published before the application was submitted.

There has clearly been progress on issues we identified within our open letter to the developers in August. Haringey is also continuing to explore how we can provide more workspace in the West of the borough to supplement what is proposed in the planning application.

We now await the officers’ report ahead of the planning committee hearing. We expect this hearing to take place on 11th December.

Below is a copy of a letter we received from FEC confirming the news of the 11 units of social housing provided onsite as part of the scheme.


Letter from FEC sent 17th November 2017


Dear Cllr Arthur, Cllr Doron and Cllr Elliott,

Re: Planning application for the restoration of Hornsey Town Hall

As promised, and further to my letter dated 17 October, I am writing with a project update including the outcome of our viability discussions which have now reached a conclusion.

As part of our proposals, we’ll fund 11 social rented homes located in the Grade II Listed Broadway Annexe. These homes are situated at the heart of the development with direct access from Town Hall Square.

This figure represents a considerable increase from the 2010 consented scheme that comprised four affordable units.

In addition to the above, the proposed residential Block B (to the rear of the Town Hall) has been reduced in height so it’s no longer visible from the Broadway. This has now led to full support from Historic England for the scheme. The Town Hall Square landscaping has also been improved. The team has worked closely in this period with directors from the Crouch End Festival to discuss the detailed design of the square.

I wanted to take this opportunity to reiterate that our multi-million investment in the restoration and refurbishment of this iconic Grade II* Listed Building in the heart of Crouch End, includes full public access to Town Hall Square and the Community Use and Access Agreement guarantees continued public access to, and use of, many parts of the Town Hall including historically significant spaces such as the assembly hall, foyer, council chamber, supper room and committee rooms. The inclusion of a hotel in the less historic spaces in the Town Hall will safeguard its future upkeep. Operated by Dorsett Hospitality International, who specialise in boutique hotels globally, they will ensure the hotel will be complementary to other new uses inside the Town Hall.

In my last letter I mentioned that Time + Space Co, the arts operator for the Town Hall, was due to host ‘Meet the Arts Operator’ events. These will take place in the Town Hall’s Council Chamber on Thursday 23 November at 19.30 and Saturday 25 November at 11.00. Piers Read, Managing Partner, will deliver a presentation showcasing his vision for the arts centre and how Town Hall space dedicated to it will be utilised. The events will also include a Q&A, so Piers can answer any questions people may have on the arts operation side of the proposed plans.

We have spoken with hundreds of local people since March (using both traditional methods and online tools) and will be issuing another resident newsletter (to over 10,000 people) in the next week or so. Those who are interested in the project or have any questions can continue to contact the team using the dedicated project email address and freephone – details here: http://www.restoringhornseytownhall.com/get_in_touch

We are of the firm belief that our proposals are not only deliverable but respect and respond to the rich history of the buildings and wider site.

Yours sincerely,

John Connolly (Head of UK Development, FEC)

CC: Lyn Garner, Strategic Director Regeneration, Planning and Development, Haringey Council; Emma Williamson, Assistant Director of Planning, Haringey Council


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