On May 8 2015 the people of Crouch End turned out in huge numbers to help Catherine West overturn the LibDem majority of Lynne Featherstone and become the new MP for Hornsey and Wood Green.

This followed the election a year earlier of Jason Arthur and Natan Doron, the first Crouch End Labour Councillors on Haringey Council since 2002.

The Crouch End Labour party has had something of a renaissance since 2010. Even before the massive surge in membership over the summer, our branch was one of the biggest in the country. Despite the depressing result for everyone on May 8, we have numbers on the ground and the urge to do whatever it takes between now and 2020 to win a majority at Westminster.

August 11th 2016 was the start of another chapter in the history of Crouch End Labour as Sarah Elliott, the former leader of the Lib Dem group in Haringey, joined the Labour Party. This changed Crouch End from a split ward to one with a clean sweep of three Labour Cllrs.

We’ve had some great nights with visits from Jonathan Freedland, Polly Toynbee and David Walker, Owen Jones and many more. Since the election we’ve put on packed events discussing the leadership and womens’ issues, and coming up we’ll be running a campaign to help our local independent shops.

As well as putting on great events and debates for members, Crouch End Labour has been out and about campaigning and speaking to residents in the area. Labour is listening and the response has been great.

The Crouch End Labour Party is proudly active and vibrant. You can contact the Crouch End Labour team by e mail at crouchend@haringeylabour.org.uk or write to them at Crouch End Labour Party, 28 Middle Lane, N8 8PL Tel: 020 8340 7362

To get in touch with Jason or Natan in their capacity as Councillors please reach them using their council contact details by clicking their names here: Jason Arthur or Natan Doron or Sarah Elliott

You can find out more about Catherine here: http://www.catherinewest.org.uk/


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