Refugee Housing Appeal in Haringey

As a borough, Haringey is taking the lead in London on the refugee crisis. At the moment, Haringey is currently supporting 46 unaccompanied asylum seeking children. These include 3 children from Calais who arrived earlier in the month under the ‘Dubs Amendment’. On 15th November, Haringey’s Cabinet announced a plan to resettle a further 10 Syrian refugee families into the borough.

However, government support for accommodating Syrian refugees is limited to Local Housing Allowance. That’s why the Council is looking for Haringey residents who are able to help out and accept a rate which is likely to be less than they would get from renting their property privately.

If you, or any other Crouch Enders you know, have an empty property and are able and willing to house a Syrian refugee family at Local Housing Allowance rates, please do let the Council know. It has been horrifying to see the unfolding tragedy in Syria, so anything we can do to help would be great. You can email or call 020 8489 4527.

You can read a bit about the efforts of Haringey and other London councils to welcome refugees and the challenges they face here: 


Jason, Natan and Sarah are your hardworking local Labour Cllrs.

Since we were elected in 2014 we’ve seen:

  1. Hornsey Town Hall open again with progress made towards finding a sustainable future for the building
  2. £8million invested in Park Road leisure centre including the protection of the much-loved diving board
  3. Over £14,000 invested in community groups in Crouch End to provide services for the disabled, protection of green spaces and to support art and culture including the Crouch End Festival
  4. Over £1million for roads and pavements with 56 roads designated as 20mph and almost 150 new street lights
  5. Waiting times for Homes for Haringey repairs reduced from 23 to 12 days in Crouch End

Find out more by clicking here.

This record was a major reason why former leader of the Haringey Lib Dems Sarah Elliott has joined the Labour Party. This means we now have three Labour Cllrs in Crouch End. You can read Sarah’s statement about joining Labour here.

Public meeting on crime & safety in Crouch End

Working with Martin we’ve decided to call a public meeting to update residents on crime and safety in Crouch End, providing local people a chance to raise concerns and for the police to tell us how we can help fight crime.

So please come along on 26th October 2016 at 7pm. The meeting will be held in the old council chamber in Hornsey Town Hall.
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Brexit: A Labour response

I imagine that many of us Labour members, voters and supporters are absolutely devastated. Crouch End voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union and now we face up to the reality that 17 million people voted to leave. And they won the election.

We have to find hope. And I believe we have to see the vote to leave as a wake up call to all of us who believe in equality, social justice, openness, tolerance, respect, cooperation within and between nations and protecting the most vulnerable.

75% of 18-24 years olds who voted did so to remain. We owe it to them to show some leadership and use this day as a trigger to get more, not less involved. We can’t sit on our hands while Boris Trump and Donald Farage peddle myths about immigration or tear up our rights at work and environmental protections.

I believe that if all the people in the country who were moved by what Jo Cox stood for joined together and provided leadership for this country we can start to rebuild hope.

I also believe that the Labour Party has to be that vehicle now. The country needs us more than ever. In the darkest hour of modern politics the country needs a party that was formed to give voice the many, not the few.

So if you live in Crouch End and you haven’t already, join the Labour Party now and come to our AGM this Sunday, 26th June at 2.30pm @ 28 Middle Lane.*

The job we have is hard but we need to rise to meet the challenge. We need to listen to the rest of the country and to learn lessons. We can’t lecture our way back into the EU. We can’t just bombard people with facts.

The sad reality is that many people have felt ignored, left behind, scared and alienated by our country and our economy. Some of the strongest leave votes were in the most economically deprived areas.

The answers to the problems are the same as always: cooperation, tolerance, respect and a commitment to social justice & equality. The problems just got much harder and it breaks my heart that we’ve made our country and Europe weaker. But the good fight is there to be fought.

So let’s pick ourselves up, get organised and make this sad day the one on which we resolved to build a better future.

Natan Doron, Crouch End Labour Cllr, 24th June 2016
*to be clear, this is the AGM of Crouch End Labour Ward which is part of Hornsey and Wood Green Constituency Labour Party (CLP). Each CLP is made up of many wards. You can find your ward in Haringey here:


Why your neighbours in Crouch End are backing Jason, Natan and Lourdes

Melanie and Kasha, Indish, Crouch End

Melanie and Kasha, Indish, Crouch End

“We’ve been running Indish in Crouch End for 18 years and are very proud to be part of the community. Local businesses, especially the independents, are important for this community to continue to stay vibrant, and to this end we give our support to Jason, Natan and Lourdes to make sure Crouch End carries on being the exciting cultural hub of this borough” Melanie and Kasha, Indish, Crouch End

Linda Grant, novelist, journalist, winner of the Orange Prize for Fiction, Crouch End resident

Linda Grant, novelist, journalist, winner of the Orange Prize for Fiction, Crouch End resident

“Jason Arthur, Natan Doron and Lourdes Keever represent the best of Crouch End, its vitality and diversity, creativity and passion for social justice. They will make superb councillors committed to representing the best interests of our community on Haringey council.” Linda Grant, novelist, journalist, winner of the Orange Prize for Fiction, Crouch End resident

Tad MacDonald, Musician, Crouch End resident for 26 years

Tad MacDonald, Musician, Crouch End resident for 26 years

“I recently ran the London Marathon raising money and support for Shelter, because I care about helping those less fortunate than myself. Crouch End needs politicians who feel the same. That’s why I’m supporting Jason, Natan and Lourdes to make Crouch End Labour again.” Tad MacDonald, Musician, Crouch End resident for 26 years

Doreen Jones, retired, Crouch End resident for 48 years

Doreen Jones, retired, Crouch End resident for 48 years

“I’ve lived in Crouch End for almost 50 years. I know that Jason, Natan and Lourdes are hardworking local people and I think they would make excellent councillors for Crouch End.” Doreen Jones, retired, Crouch End resident for 48 years

These are just four of the many people in Crouch End who are getting behind Jason, Natan and Lourdes’ positive vision for Crouch End. You can join them by using all three of your votes in the council elections for Labour tomorrow.

A positive vision for Crouch End

This election is about people in Crouch End and their hopes for the area. Over the last year Jason Arthur, Natan Doron and Lourdes Keever have been listening closely to residents to understand the issues they care about. Jason, Natan and Lourdes are incredibly passionate about Crouch End and would be honoured to serve as local councillors.

Jason, Lourdes and Natan pledge to work hard for Crouch End

Jason, Lourdes and Natan pledge to work hard for Crouch End

Jason, Natan and Lourdes been out in every season listening to residents – and they will continue to do so as Crouch End councillors. They believe that only by working together with residents can they continue to make Crouch End one of the best places to live in North London.

By electing Jason, Natan and Lourdes Crouch End residents will have three councillors who will work tirelessly to ensure that their views are at the heart of the Council’s decisions. They pledge to work with residents to deliver a positive vision for Crouch End that strengthens the community.

Our pledges

  1. Drive faster progress on the development of Hornsey Town Hall, ensuring that residents are consulted on how it can best serve our community
  2. Work with the Council and Fusion to deliver improvements to Park Road Leisure Centre and do everything we can to keep the diving board in Crouch End
  3. Actively support fantastic local community groups and events such as Crouch End Open Studios and the Crouch End Festival
  4. Deliver improvements to roads and pavements across the ward to ensure that pedestrians and cyclists can travel safely
  5. Work with Homes for Haringey to ensure that repairs to homes happen faster

The people of Crouch End deserve a strong voice at the decision-making table on Haringey Council.

Our local team campaigning in Crouch End with Douglas Alexander MP

Our local team campaigning in Crouch End with Douglas Alexander MP